Stella McCartney : 14’SS

In the depths of winter, the only desire which conquers my mind is warmth at the resort. Couture Collection from Stella McCartney leads us to the imaginative trip to the world of Primavera. At this time, Stella embodies Spring/Summer look with an essence of luxury urban resort. An overview of this show is modernness with simpleness, […]


After two trips for fashion Holy Lands, Italy and France; Paris, the inorganic life has begun again, as usual. It was extremely moving moments that seeing not only masterpieces at museums, also cityscape and both exterior/interior of the buildings, which are purely dissimilar to the ones from what I used to know at my birthplace, […]

Valentino : 14’SS

Italy would always  streams me a great joy into a life. The trip for Florence at this time showed something different from the one at the last two times being there. Coming back there after 2 years passed, seeing each other with one of great sympathetic friends of mine,enjoying great shinning weather… They all could […]