There is a big war (softly to say, competition) between bloggers recently.

Many people try to be featured as if Susiebubble and Bryanboy were excavated. (Honestly, I don’t know exactly who came out from blogging expertise. Sorry.)

That is ridiculous and stupid for some reasons, especially for the academic upper civilized people in the world, except for the cultural anthropologists, sociologists, economists and perhaps, psychologists. In a case they may observe “How come gloggers are attractive for younger people in these days?” or “Bloggers; to find out what the people in the recent society want.”, otherwise, “How big deal do the famous bloggers could bring about?”

As I said before, it sounds not worthy enough to be a member of society like them. I clearly remember that one of my friends, who is European from a famous fashionable city, talked with assurance that this sort of work shouldn’t be a professional occupation in the grown world.

However, this is the natural stream to improve or change the existed world.

A blogger is just a new kind of professionals who are closely connected to the real world and reflect what the people usually think of and seek.

I could not accomplish anything as a blogger yet. Rather, I’m not deserved to be called even a trainee of blogger though, outputting and expressing ourselves more broadly as one of the social members must be valuable for the other people.

Anyway, there are too many bloggers in the recent world and this is under the saturated situation, it is obviously difficult that the talent every single person has can be unearthed from somewhere in the deeper media ground on the earth.

We have to find another way to be spotted, if we want to.




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