I am an exchange student living in Europe now, who has an interest in a trend movement especially about interior design and fashion.

The last time when I stayed in Europe, Denmark, was shinning and memorial.

Everything was reflected greatly colorful and prevalent in my eyes.

However this time,

as the other people who experienced being abroad more than twice in their lives said,

something is different.

What is this difference?

I got elder, of course. I got an appropriate boyfriend, of course.

But, still, me myself has not changed that much internally.

Then, what’s the point?

Here is the answer. I need to output. My idea. Sharing opinions.

The previous time was the one to input. After becoming matured a bit and starting my master program,

I have realized that I seriously need to think about how I should live independently.

Then, I will introduce my puerile point of view related to Design and Fashion in a new adventure.


My brief personal history: Had a compulsory education in Japan.

After starting my bachelor degree, I had an opportunity to study in Denmark for one year,

from which there are many world-widely eminent architecture/designer from mid-century.

After returning to my home, I got a great experience in working at a furniture shop in Japan,

so that I would like to have more expanded experience (hopefully working) abroad, again.

This is the reason why I came back to Europe.

At last. All my passion is toward Interior, Especially CHAIRS!

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