Oscar de la Renta : 14’SS Collection

This is the first time that goose flesh came out and ran through my whole body. Although it is just a hackneyed  phrase to say “OMG”, excuse me to declare the emotion moved highly. I am not a fashion editor or analysis though,all the wears on 14’SS collection by Oscar de la Renta is greatly worthwhile […]

Stella McCartney : 14’SS

In the depths of winter, the only desire which conquers my mind is warmth at the resort. Couture Collection from Stella McCartney leads us to the imaginative trip to the world of Primavera. At this time, Stella embodies Spring/Summer look with an essence of luxury urban resort. An overview of this show is modernness with simpleness, […]


After two trips for fashion Holy Lands, Italy and France; Paris, the inorganic life has begun again, as usual. It was extremely moving moments that seeing not only masterpieces at museums, also cityscape and both exterior/interior of the buildings, which are purely dissimilar to the ones from what I used to know at my birthplace, […]

Valentino : 14’SS

Italy would always  streams me a great joy into a life. The trip for Florence at this time showed something different from the one at the last two times being there. Coming back there after 2 years passed, seeing each other with one of great sympathetic friends of mine,enjoying great shinning weather… They all could […]

Dolce & Gabbana : 14’SS

After a long time passed because of these busiest days, I finally started to take a look at my favorite and always brand-new collection, Dolce & Gabbana, to get new inspiration. So here’s topic. Refresh your room with a trip to ancient times. The collection for SS14 seems to be a symbol of the origin […]


My summer vacation has gone with being in the beautiful country -Bulgaria, Sofia- and one of the most trendy place in a contemporary design field -Holland, Amsterdam-. After getting new inspirations from both these cities and my accompanies, who are most significant  and can give me a lot of energy for live, it’s time to […]

Louis Vuitton : 13′-14’AW

In the Sunday afternoon. Today is the day which is totally retired and relaxed in the softly warm atmosphere. This morning I woke up early, at 6 and hang out with my man to the harbor holding Fish Market every Sunday. Since it has been an absolutely cozy day till now, I’ve looked back upon […]